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Mighty Studios is a Silicon Valley Product Development Consultancy, which was founded in 2014 by Tark Abed. He has been in design consulting for more than 25 years and brings a wealth of expertise in all aspects of product development.

Through his professional experience, he is fortunate to have worked on programs of every scale: from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, such as Audi/Volkswagen Group, Cisco, Covidien, Fisher-Price, Google, Medtronic, Panasonic & Ricoh Innovations.

Now, at Mighty Studios, we bring together a team of best-of-class design researchers, industrial designers, mechanical, electrical & thermal engineers, and supply chain experts to offer tailored, turnkey solutions for products in the consumer, medical and datacom spaces.

Meet The Team

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Creative Director, Founder

With over than 20 years in the product design industry, Tark founded Mighty Studios. He has been fortunate enough to have worked on and manage programs - from small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies. Tark manages design programs of every scale, working with Mighty's client’s in-house teams, and often bringing together best-of-class teams of researchers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and supply chain experts to offer tailored, turnkey solutions for products in the consumer, medical and Datacom spaces.

Mechanical Engineering Lead

Joe Watson is a Senior Product Design Engineer with over 25 years of experience. His work covers consumer electronics, industrial products, IoT devices, green technology and biometrics in wearables. Many of the products that he has brought to market have gone on to win design awards. He has been named on over a dozen patents and has worked with several of the leading product design firms and major corporations in Silicon Valley. Joe considers himself a consummate Maker and spends his free time enjoying carpentry and fine art photography, and most recently learning landscape design.

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Jacob Abruzzini
Senior Industrial Designer

Jacob Abruzzini is an industrial designer with a background in sports and recreational products, consumer electronics, and a range of soft goods. He is passionate about creating well thought out, quality design solutions focusing on every last detail. In his free time, Jacob enjoys swimming and cycling.

Industrial Designer

Kenny Kim is an industrial designer with a solid background in consumer electronics, medical devices and connected wearables. He studied at San Jose State University and has worked at consultancies and product development firms across Silicon Valley. In his free time, he enjoys dabbling in 3D printing and D.I.Y. electronics.

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Principal Researcher

Jill Murphy has over 20 years of experience developing unique, proprietary consumer insights for leading companies across a range of industries. Jill specializes in qualitative research and strategic planning. Jill has extensive experience conducting ethnographic immersion, focus groups, in-depth interviews as well as innovative blog-based research. She has worked as a Strategic Director at Cheskin Added Value and an Account Planner at Publicis Hal Riney and Partners. She has her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. She has used research to guide product innovation, design and brand strategy for a range of companies including The Coca Cola Company, Earthbound Farm, Cisco, eBay, Electrolux, Genentech, Google, Kao Brands, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Microsoft, Pepperidge Farms, and Whistle Labs.


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