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Accuray develops, manufactures and sells radiotherapy systems that make cancer treatments shorter, safer, personalized and more effective, ultimately enabling patients to live longer, better lives. Their most radically innovative platform, called the CyberKnife, was in need to a design overhaul. The existing CyberKnife is built around an automated assembly robot from KUKA, which was no longer being manufactured and being replaced by smaller, higher performing model. In addition, the overall look & feel of the system was aging, and no longer reflected the values of the company.


We had the opportunity to create an entirely new treatment experience for the patient. We dove into ethnography, interviewing patients, hospital administrators, service technicians and physicists to gain insight. We discovered that patients wanted a calming experience as this was a very traumatic time in their lives. Hospital administrators and service techs wanted a system that could be installed and brought up quickly, and easy to access in case of repairs. We referenced spa experiences, and forms that connoted serenity. As a result, the exterior surfaces reflect those of smooth river stones, and the color palette uses a soft calming white, with accents of subtle green illumination. We reduced the amount of exposed cabling by 80%, and designed the access panels to be manageable by a single service tech.


accuracy - medical device design companies
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