Does today’s uncertain economy make you pause about developing new products? If so, business experts say you may want to rethink your hesitation on new product development. “The world is not the same as it was two years ago. Assessing the new reality, and strategically planning for it, will position you to build product and brand success in a permanently altered market, writes Theresa Padilla in a July 2022 Product Management blog.

Senior operations executive Liz Lemarchand agrees with the value of strategic planning and recommends outsourcing to contain costs. Growth in uncertain times is possible if you focus on what’s most important,” she writes in a XAAS Journal blog (July 2022). “Ensuring customer satisfaction, continually evolving your offer to provide even more value, and tapping into external resources as needed to achieve your mission, are the fundamental ways to get you there….”

Outsourcing new product development eliminates overhead, saving a company time and money, but only if you choose the right strategic partner. Fortune 50 corporations and small start-ups agree that Mighty Studios is one of the best. Based in San Jose, California, this business-savvy product design consultancy believes good design should be synonymous with good business. “We understand ROI, cash preservation, and time to market,” says Founder/Director Tark Abel. “We also can move fast and make aggressive decisions to get a company’s product on the shelves or simply to the next funding milestone,”

Tark cites a recent example of “moving fast,” introducing a new product to the college sports market. Intake Health, a startup company launching a hydration-monitoring device called Inflow, needed to deliver its medical device to universities in time for the start of college football season in late August of this year. Mission accomplished with great success! Here is how Mighty Studios proved its might and produced a product from start to finish in only two months!

Knowledge Base, Depth of Experience: With more than 25 years of design experience from concept to manufacturing, Tark is a product development expert who hires experienced, knowledgeable professionals who communicate and collaborate without skipping a beat. With Intake Health’s Inflow hydration-measuring product, senior designer Jacob Abruzzini first created a 3D CAD version of the tiny suction cup-like gadget. Then lead mechanical engineer Alberto Massarotto carefully reviewed the design to ensure its manufacturability. Their problem-solving sessions happened quickly because Mighty Studios is a small yet innovative shop.

Rapid Prototyping: Unlike many small design shops that usually need to outsource prototyping, Mighty Studios creates its prototypes in-house using either FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) or resin-based 3D printers, depending on the size and other properties of the product. “This saves weeks or months,” says Tark.

Supplier Network: Over the years, Tark has curated a network of offshore and domestic suppliers who specialize in producing watertight assemblies, fast injection molding, and quickly finding materials, such as specific types of steel.

Doing it Right the First Time: Perhaps best of all, Mighty Studios takes special pride in its accuracy. “Errors cost money,” Tark explains. “We don’t fumble.” He cited the practice of many large design firms that often hand off small projects to junior-level designers and engineers. “We have a very senior team here, and we do it right the first time.”

Michael Bender, Founder-CEO of Intake Health, agrees. “What impressed me most about Mighty was the high priority the team gave our project,” he said in a telephone interview. “They also made our Inflow product very waterproof, which is important. Mighty then made the Inflow easy to assemble. That’s where they crushed it!” Bender added that Intake Health would soon begin working on a female hydration product, where they will again partner with Mighty Studios. Every product design firm welcomes repeat business. That may be the best endorsement of all.