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The Lice Clinics of America (LCOA) was created to combat the ever-growing threat of head lice. With the combination of natural hair products and proprietary heated air technology, they have achieved 99% efficacy with one treatment. LCOA’s process is devoid of harsh chemicals which contribute to the growth of chemical resistant super lice. They saw an emerging market demand for a new home treatment alternative that leveraged their core technology.


Mighty Studios worked with LCOA to create their first ever Home Treatment Kit. The Home Treatment Kit, which consists of the Home Device and Lice Removal solution applicator, allows users the convenience of treatment in the comfort of one’s own home. With an equally potent 99% efficacy rating and built in smarts to prevent cross contamination between treatments, the Home Device is a life saver for busy parents. Additionally, Mighty Studios helped LCOA develop their second-generation Clinical Lice Treatment Device. Through a combination of field research, prototyping iterations with careful attention to human factors helped guide the design process. The Clinic Device is currently being deployed in clinics across the world.


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