At Mighty, team synergy is critical, and without it, we couldn’t possibly give our clients the exceptional experience that we are committed to providing.

It is our collective experience that allows us to excel in our core business disciplines – but there are other factors that make this team unique: we are diverse, we are passionate, and we put our clients’ objectives at the forefront of everything we do.

Our team keeps growing and every new personality that joins complements the team culture that we value so much. So without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our Director of Business Development, Chet Douglas, the newest team member, and the first addition to the Business Development Team.

Seeing as our core team is the lifeblood of Mighty, we think that it only makes sense to share some details about Chet and his experience with joining the team in this short and sweet Q&A.

Here we go:

Mighty Studios: What is your role in a nutshell at Mighty?

Chet: I work with potential clients who have a need for external design contributions and electronic design assistance.

Mighty Studios: How long have you been working in business development?

Chet: 24 years in business development, as well as sales and client relations

Mighty Studios: What makes Mighty Studios stand out in contrast to other product design consultancies:

Chet: Collectively they are one of the most talented, focused, organized, and passionate teams. They are an unstoppable force when working with clients who need design assistance.

Mighty Studios: What are three words that you would use to describe the Mighty team:

Chet: Dedicated, affable, and driven

Mighty Studios: How would you explain Mighty’s service to someone:

Chet: Mighty provides strategic, innovative services, such as product engineering, industrial design, manufacturing, product research to emerging growth start-ups, and large-sized growth companies.

Mighty Studios: What are some of your personal passions:

Chet: I enjoy mentoring and coaching people that are in the early stages of their careers. I live in California, so I am sure this goes without saying, I am quite fond of hitting the beach. As hard as it is on the body, I can’t seem to shake my love for bike trail riding and racing. Oh, and I can’t leave this out, when I have the time, I love restoring Jeep Wagoneers.

Mighty Studios: What are some industries that you are focused on developing new client relationships?

Chet: Industrial & consumer, medical devices, computing electronics, pharma, bio, robotic systems & active lifestyle companies.


Want to work for Mighty?

We are continuing to look for new talent to join the team. See below for roles that are currently open:

Senior Industrial Designer