Airvine is a Silicon Valley start-up developing an innovative new beam-forming and beam-steering RF technology, with a capacity and range that rivals conventional cabling. This technology was not without its challenges – the device’s power dissipation reached nearly 40 watts at peak load. Furthermore, its flagship product, the WaveTunnel, needed to be developed quickly to meet growing customer demand.


The Mighty Studios team efficiently developed the industrial design, thermal and mechanical engineering, prototyping and production transfer within a 3-month timeframe. Mighty worked closely with Airvine’s electrical engineers and developed a heat sink array which allowed for maximum heat dissipation, while also acting as the central structural core. The overall design beautifully reflects the product’s function – as the TX/RX boards on either side, and digital board in the center. Airvine leveraged Mighty’s network of short lead-time manufacturers for a production run of 300 units.

Airvine - WaveTunnel
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Airvine - WaveTunnel
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