AxBioAXP-100 Gene Sequencer


AxBio is a global company that provides sequencing and diagnostic systems, as well as biochips and detection reagents. Typical applications include early cancer screening and detection, rapid pathogen detection, and drug development. The company also provides customized services for chemical synthesis reagents, multiple pathogen detection kits, and multiple sample nucleic acid extraction kits. AxBio had recently completed a breadboard proof-of-concept design and needed to develop it into a device with improved user workflow and wrapped in a design language that could extend to future devices.


Mighty Studios worked closely with AxBio’s in-house team and selected partners to develop a dozen functional prototypes for demonstration purposes. We re-designed the workflow so as to read from left-right, starting with the loading of the reagents, to the UI, the loading of the fluidics module, and ultimately the waste chamber. Other novel aspects were the easy access top cover for initial calibration and servicing, as well as the minimal footprint on a lab bench. AxBio’s team was pleased with the high-quality results and relatively short completion time.

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  • Gene Sequencer - Mighty Studios