Blink Pet Outdoor Cat House & Brand Identity


Blink Pet is a Bay Area company with a passion for creating products that connect deeply with cats and their owners. Blink’s flagship product was to be an outdoor cat house, dubbed NekoPod, which would cater to pet owners who are unable to have cats indoors. In a crowded market of inferior products, with limited and poorly executed features, the NekoPod had to show at first glance that it was superior in both design and utility.


Mighty Studios handily met this challenge with a beautifully designed cat house rich with features. The shells are double-wall rotationally molded HDPE for insulation and sound performance. The stainless-steel legs keep the house elevated in rainy or snowy seasons. In addition, Mighty created a rear escape hatch for the cat should a threatening visitor approach from the font. The shells are easy to disassemble for cleaning, and we even included an exit port for a cord should the owner want to add a heated sleeping pad.

  • Blink Pet – Brand Identity
  • Blink Pet – Outdoor Cat House
Blink Pet – Brand Identity - Mighty Studios
  • Blink Pet – Mighty Studios
  • Blink Pet – Mighty Studios