Credence ID CredenceTwo & CredenceTab


Credence ID is a hardware technology company that manufactures rugged, mobile biometric devices. These devices use fingerprint readers in combination with passports and other travel documents for verification purposes for both government and private industry applications. High-profile customers include law enforcement, especially, the U.S. Border Patrol, Registrar of Voters, and other agencies. Despite their importance, Credence ID’s aging line of devices needed a design refresh, because the company lacked a cohesive design language and was losing its competitive edge.


Fortunately, Mighty Studios was selected as Credence ID’s design partner to elevate its new line of devices, the CredenceTwo and CredenceTab. We developed a bold new aesthetic, leveraging the company’s color palette by visually separating the touchpoints for user and operator. This dynamic design ensured success for future products in the years ahead.