InkSpace ImagingMRI Coil Blanket


InkSpace Imaging has developed a novel manufacturing method based on printed electronics to make extremely lightweight, flexible, and low-cost MRI coils, found in their coli “blanket.” With this technology, MRI suites can be equipped with coils that are consistently comfortable and adapted to the morphology of their patients, thus reducing the rate of failure, and increasing the speed of exams. InkSpace had previously developed a series of functional prototypes that were used for testing purposes. These prototypes required numerous improvements to make them more reliable and robust, and— most importantly— MRI “transparent.” In addition, for pediatric applications, the overall design had to appear more user-friendly.


The Mighty Studios design team developed a series of robust rigid plastic enclosures for each of the electronic segments, as well as a novel strain relief as the cable entered the blanket. Many of the parts were designed to be ambidextrous, minimizing tooling expenses. To address the pediatric concern, the Mighty Studios design team created a series of rubber dinosaur covers, which acted as fun distractions while children were in the MRI. A matching pattern was conceived for the replaceable/cleanable blanket cover.