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Mighty Studios is a business-savvy design consultancy that believes good design should be synonymous with good business. That is why Mighty turns business objectives into insightful product solutions. Mighty moves swiftly and makes calculated decisions to get its clients’ products on the shelves or to the next funding milestone. Mighty Studios solves complex problems with tailored solutions and achieves measurable outcomes with speed and certainty.


Mighty Studios is a leading design agency specializing in robust yet beautiful product solutions. With fierce competition in the product design industry, a powerful agency such as Mighty Studios needed an identity update to stand out from the crowd. Developed in its entirety by our internal team, we proudly announce our new and evolved brand identity. The new brand identity primarily focuses on the structural elements found in the logotype. It then extends to other aspects, such as business collateral and digital applications. This cohesive approach makes our identity recognizable yet distinct from other design agencies.

The 90-degree line and straight-line elements—organized and subdivided—help lead the viewer’s eye through a constructed visual hierarchy. In addition, the new layout system creates dynamic visuals from a mixture of product and abstract photography, allowing for promotional individualization and variation. The timeless color palette and unique relationship between humans and machine typography assert intense minimalism. They also show a digital-age aesthetic that complements the product’s function through the lens of Mighty Studios.