Bone Health TechnologiesOsteoBoost


Bone Health Technologies (BHT) has developed a method to fight the age-related bone loss associated with osteopenia and osteoporosis. Using clinically proven vibration therapy, its first product, the OsteoBoost, simulates the beneficial physiological effects of weight-bearing exercise to stimulate natural bone growth. BHT had previously produced several prototype units which were used in pre-clinical trials. User feedback dictated that a redesign was necessary with three objectives: reduce the overall size, better integrate the belt and pack, and create a visual design, representative of the brand.


The Mighty Studios design team reduced the physical and visual mass significantly. In addition to this, we worked with soft-goods experts in our network to not only improve the appearance and fit of the belt but also reduce the number of parts it took to manufacture it. Lastly, the design team created a lighter, friendlier palette, and integrated a subtle, texture, reminiscent of patterns seen in osseous tissue.