Parking Block Skateboard Stands


Sometimes an injury or inconvenience can lead to innovative design. The idea behind Parking Block was sparked when the company’s founder slipped and fell on his son’s skateboard when entering his home. He also was frustrated with the dirty marks left by skateboards when leaned against a wall.


With our background in action sports (specifical skateboarding), Mighty’s designers characterized various deck geometries to better understand the center mass and balance. After several rounds of prototypes and geometry tweaks, we arrived at the optimal architecture to secure a skateboard, yet allow for intuitive insertion and removal. We evolved the design for more utility by adding a storage area for tools and stickers. Most importantly, we made it retail-shelf-ready by engineering the stand to be stackable with a 1” offset. Our design was a resounding success! The product has sold successfully and held a 4.7-star rating on Amazon since 2015.