Maxim IntegratedPPG Ring


Maxim Integrated, a prominent Silicon Valley-based integrated circuit manufacturer, was growing a new business unit that focused on devices for health care, which leveraged their core technologies. One of its core technologies focused on pulse oximetry, which engineers had shrunk to a size so small, that it could fit into the form factor of a ring.


Mighty Studios worked closely with Maxim’s team to develop a ring that would maintain constant contact on the finger throughout the day, thus increasing the accuracy of the readings. The ring’s band is an insert-molded assembly, which includes the rigid-flex circuit boards, as well as a spring steel band. This band gives it stiffness to conform to the finger without sacrificing comfort. In addition, Mighty Studios designed and engineered the charging dock and worked with offshore manufacturers to develop the device. Maxim is delighted with the design and functionality of this vital new healthcare device.