QuanergyS3 Solid State LiDAR


Quanergy is a Silicon Valley manufacturer of solid-state LiDAR sensors which are for a wide variety of applications such as transportation, industrial automation, security data analytics, and mapping. Quanergy partnered with Mighty Studios to create a product identity for its new suite of sensors and ancillary accessories.


The S3 was an incredibly complex balance of size, thermal constraints, and performance requirements. Emitting nearly 80 watts in such a small package meant that every millimeter of the exterior housing needed to act as a heat sink (which draws away heat from internal components). This leaves very little room for cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, Mighty Studios rose to the challenge by creating a defining “frame” of polished edges around the perimeter of the device. This design element gave the device a robust and precise aesthetic, without sacrificing the required performance characteristics.

Quanergy - S3 Solid State LiDAR - Mighty Studios