Brightside InnovationsZUMY


Brightside Innovations is a start-up company that is bringing to market a unique lighting solution to address an all-to-familiar problem with Zoom meetings: the need to see emotions on participants’ faces. Sheltering in place has forced millions of people to conduct business remotely and in not-such-ideal conditions. Studies have shown that virtual meetings are far more effective when you can see the emotions on the faces of the participants. To make that happen, Brightside Innovations needed a simple, fun, reliable, and low-cost solution so that millions of people could improve their performance in virtual meetings. Hence, Zumy was born.


In response to Brightside’s needs, the Mighty Studios team explored numerous ideas for a portable, collapsible, and reliable lighting solution. By studying the behavior of shelter-in-place virtual meetings, we ultimately landed on a USB-powered, LED drive, collapsible light. A simple mechanical clip attaches Zumy to the user’s laptop and offers a pass-through USB, so users won’t be left without a spare. The magic of Zumy lies in its diffusion layer, which acts much like a studio photographer’s lightbox. This diffusion reduces shadows and glare.