Brightside InnovationsZUMY


Brightside Innovations is a start-up company with a vital new product for remote working professionals: a small yet highly effective portable light that clips to a laptop and provides personal lighting to brighten and soften the user’s on-screen appearance. The result: more active engagement with participants during Zoom meetings because people can see emotions on their colleagues’ faces. In addition, with the proper lighting, participants look their professional best.

After designing the portable USB-powered, LED drive collapsible ZUMY light with four different settings in response to Brightside’s needs, Mighty Studio’s next assignment was to rebrand the start-up company and its flagship product.


Market research shows that a company’s brand distinguishes its products and services from the competition. Most important of all, a strong, familiar brand also fosters customer loyalty, ultimately leading to increased sales and revenue share. With that in mind, our design team created a friendly, trusting logo, a new website, as well as a comprehensive ZUMY Brand Guidelines Book to ensure that all communication, visual language, and messaging reflect ZUMY’s brand personality: that set of qualities that customers associate every time they use or recommend ZUMY’s products.

ZUMY’s yellow background is a friendly color that promotes feelings of trust, security, and support—vital qualities in today’s uncertain business climate. In addition, the wide, rounded font used in the name, “ZUMY” contains lowercase letters only, enhancing the friendly factor. In addition, the graphic depiction of the actual product connotes fun rather than formality. This design adds an entertaining aspect to the company’s image, putting users at ease and making their Zoom sessions welcoming rather than boring.