KargoArgus Tower


Kargo, a smart-loading dock platform innovator in San Francisco, offers a hardware and software solution that bridges the physical world of logistics and the digital platforms used to manage it. Kargo’s Argus towers inspect incoming and outgoing freight through computer vision at loading docks. Through integrated lighting, optics, computing, and communication system, Argus understands information on shipping labels and sends results to the cloud where they are displayed to the end customer. Argus also provides qualitative information by detecting damage, tears, leaks, and tampering.


With global supply-chain disruptions threatening the economy, Kargo needed immediate expertise to launch its product in the marketplace. Our Mighty Studios team stepped up quickly by developing the industrial design, thermal and mechanical engineering, prototyping, through to production transfer in record time—only 8 months!

One of our challenges was producing maximum airflow for heat dissipation using only a single exhaust fan. This was quite a feat because the scale of the system is massive, towering more than 3 meters (nearly 10 feet tall). This scale also required expertise in sheet metal design and structural assemblies. To ensure structural integrity, Mighty also performed several rounds of structural simulations in the event of seismic activity or impact load from a forklift, for example.