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About us

Good design. Good business.

Through our process, we turn business objectives into insightful product solutions. Welcome to Mighty Studios.

We are a business-focused product design consultancy. We believe that good design should be synonymous with good business. We understand your business needs, such as ROI, cash preservation, and time to market. We move swiftly and make calculated decisions to get your product on the shelves or simply to the next funding milestone.

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Mighty Studios’ industrial design team is carefully curated based on their passion for the craft and relentless pursuit of innovation. Their deep, multidisciplinary roots create a seamless integration between our research and engineering teams. We rely on our diverse experiences and backgrounds to bring new perspectives to design challenges.

Well-made products are the result of skilled engineering. At Mighty Studios, our inherent curiosity drives us to find new and better ways to do things. Our engineering team focuses on simplicity and precision—resulting in manufacture-ready, long-lasting solutions.

At Mighty Studios, we believe an authentic understanding of the user experience inspires thoughtful, relevant design. Our research process combines deep exploration of user needs with broad consideration of market opportunities.

We offer complete solutions for branding and digital design. Through our structured process, we aim to elevate your brand value to better connect with customers. At Mighty Studios, we create compelling and engaging visual communication that seamlessly integrates with product design. We also design unique visual identities with a competitive edge.

Transforming complex ideas into meaningful brands, products and experiences.

Our approach

We focus on outcomes.

01 / Discover

Through research, we tease out unmet user needs. Define the problem.

02 / Immerse

Brainstorm solutions. Explore and analyze unforeseen ideas.

03 / Create

Narrow down options. Explore, develop and model the details.

04 / Define

Define & prototype functional parameters.

05 / Validate

Test, refine & validate functional prototypes.

06 / Make

Transition into volume production.

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Great people across multiple industries.

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Tark and his team while at the Cisco Telepresence Business Unit. We needed to develop a product that created a highly-crafted, personal and immersive experience in real-time communications. They understood the vision as soon as they hit the drawing board. The result was award-winning and groundbreaking”

    Phil MarechalVP Engineering and Product & Business Development, Yamaha Corporation
  • “We approached Mighty Studios for a world-class, disruptive and cloud-defined smart building sensor. The team stunned me by innovating and executing at a pace that I have never seen before. The result was a category-defining product design work. Their ability to help drive the timelines to get mass production down deserves a special mention. I would certainly recommend Mighty Studios to anyone who needs top-class products with no compromise on quality or speed.”

    Philipp von GilsaCEO, Kontakt.io Inc.
  • “I have been using the services of Mighty Studios for over ten years across multiple industries, including medical devices, consumer health & wellness, energy, photonics, and thermal imaging. What sets the team apart is their raw talent, especially that of the founder Tark Abed. They give me designs that enable differentiation from my competition while helping to create an emotional connection with my customers.”

    Kelly J. BrodbeckProduct Manager, Teledyne FLIR former CEO, Vapore Inc former VP of Product Marketing at First Solar, Larada Sciences, Raydiance
  • “We contacted Mighty Studios for its industrial design, mechanical engineering and prototyping capabilities, and we stayed with them through the release of our product. They could transform loosely defined concepts we presented to them and turn them into an exceptional final product. The team has a broad range of expertise and is easy to work with and adaptive to customer requirements.”

    Mike Phillips VP Engineering & Quality, Alter-G
  • “We approached Mighty Studios to design wearable technology device – in fact a ring, that would measure blood oxygen saturation levels through pulse oximetry. Our internal team did the electrical design, while the team at Mighty Studios did the industrial and mechanical design. I can say that this project was highly challenging because of the small dimensions and high performance required. Tark and his team worked very well with other teams to bring out a competitive, and truly innovative product. They were integral to the success of the ring project.”

    Ronald KooDistinguished Member of Technical Staff, Maxim Integrated