LFTD Lit Tray


LFTD is a Bay Area cannabis lifestyle company that offers a line of apparel and novel accessories for the daily user. LFTD dreamed up a portable illuminated rolling tray – something would become a daily user’s “everyday carry” item. It needed to be small enough to fit in a back pocket yet feature-rich enough to include the essential tools. The next big challenge was to design the tray so that LFTD could co-brand it with other cannabis collaborators.


To achieve LFTD’s goals, Mighty Studios explored away to shoehorn all the features into the compact device. We also created a method for mass customization, so that collaborators could have their own, unique logo illuminated on the tray. The airtight lid keeps odors in check, and a scraper card and pick can be found on its underside. Users can now literally ‘light up’ anywhere, anytime!