Obotto is a Silicon Valley start-up whose mission was to reimagine the home delivery experience, by addressing the fears and concerns users experience. Obotto contends that the experience stops at the front door, and the growing threat of porch pirates only contributed increase in grocery delivery services contributed to this notion. What was needed was a robotic solution that could receive the goods – inside the home.


After numerous intense sprints of secondary research mixed with brainstorm sessions, the Portal was conceived. The outcome was a multi-faceted smart door retrofit solution which addressed several needs: goods are delivered safely and discretely into the home, keeping packages safe from theft, or groceries fresh until you get home. On the outside, the Portal is a connected smart door that combines the latest sensor technologies, smart locks, security cameras and Ai to become the ultimate gateway to your home. On this inside, robotic devices interact with the Portal’s aperture, to receive goods inside the home – and can even present return items to delivery services. The companion App allows homeowners to remotely control access for large deliveries or admit entry to others who may need temporary access.

DoorBot - Mighty Studios